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Food Episode 2: Veritalk Goes Vegan

19 minutes

In the last few years, the popularity of "plant-based diets" has exploded. Celebrities from Tom Brady to Beyoncé promote eating less meat. Even Burger King introduced a meatless burger. Nina Gheihman, a PhD candidate in sociology, tells us how vegan cultural entrepreneurs, celebrities, and researchers are changing hearts, minds, and dinner plates. She'll also explain why we might all be eating vegan soon - whether we like it or not.

Full Transcript:

Host/Producer: Anna Fisher-Pinkert

Sound Designer: Ian Coss

Logo: Emily Crowell

Executive Producer: Ann Hall

Special Thanks to: Graham Ball, Youth Radio Oakland, and Nina Gheihman

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Start listening to Sensing Episode 2: Squish Goes the Robot!
Start listening to Sensing Episode 2: Squish Goes the Robot!